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Case Study – Wordpress Cookie Tool Plugin

Carlos Morales

In 2011, the EU modified its Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications, establishing strict rules on how to use cookies in websites. “This site uses cookies…” warnings started appearing everywhere, from fear of the elevated fines that could punish the infringing sites.

Though showing a warning and implying consent is enough in most EU countries, Spanish application of the directive is more restrictive: it states that the user must explicitly consent before any cookie is installed in his/her system.

Note: Fines for implied consent are not established in the Spanish law, even though it says it’s wrong, so some people claim that it’s ok to do it because you can’t be fined.

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Case Study – BikePlus Online Catalogue

Andre Retief

About the client

Bikeplus is a bike shop with an emphasis on the cycling lifestyle. They not only sell and fix bicycles, the also partake in competitive cycling events.

About the task

One of the main tasks we as developers were asked to do, was to create an online catalog where BikePlus can showcase its bikes and related products. The catalog will provide additional information about a specific product and also encourage additional sales through the online ordering system.

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Open-Source and Proprietary Applications Now in Equal Footing for UK Government

Flossmarket team

Since the issuance of the “Government Design Manual” back in March 14, the UK government, along with its instrumentalities, have expressed preference over open source applications for use of the government. This initiative is the first one coming from a national government, and has indeed created an impression as about the reliability and credibility of open source applications to provide for solutions that are fit for large-scale implementation such as that of the government networks and systems.

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Google Summer of Code 2013

Flossmarket team

What’s better than having a pool of student developers working on new, innovative applications and programs? Pairing them with mentors – in the form of veteran developers in the open source community; and this scenario has been a reality for 9 years now, thanks to Google Summer of Code program.

Google Summer of Code offers opportunities for student-developers to enhance their coding skills and innovative ideas, as well as to actualize these potentials and produce actual applications throughout this summer program. Accepting applications both from student-developers and mentors alike, Google Summer of Code paves a way for these skilled students to experience a first-hand mentoring from the pro’s, while creating the application they have in mind along the way.

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PRISM: When promoting and compromising safety becomes synonymous

Flossmarket team

We all have secrets; and we share the same desire for anonymity as we live out the secrets we would have rather kept in ourselves, had we known that someone else was watching. If you are one who has been enjoying the cloaks of your virtual profiles; then you might want to bid this “fun” goodbye. With PRISM blowing its covers, you should know that as you read this post, someone else is reading what you’ve been browsing on since the minute you logged on. Creepy right? But the sad news is that this has actually been happening–and only God knows how long for sure.

In the constant threat of terrorism and actual breach to societal security to which the US has been seemingly constantly exposed to, the government has been implementing means to get past these threats and the dangers the US soil has constantly been a target of. And what a better way to do this that to snoop into the very heart of human’s remote communication– the Internet and its alliances in the form of Social media. NSA’s PRISM has been allegedly checking at our emails, social media connections, and basically, most of the other stuff we communicate over the internet.

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How you should license your software - the GitHub way

Łukasz Jachymczyk

I guess there are not so many people reading this blog who did not hear about GitHub. It is a web-based hosting service for project development built on top of Linus Torvalds’ brilliant version control system Git. Since it was founded on 2008, GitHub surely has changed the way people collaborate on projects and I must say it was a good change. Apart from just code hosting GitHub offers a wide range of services related to project and community management. It has quickly become very popular; latest numbers reported on their site yield 4.3M developers and 12.4M git repos. Quite impressing! Personally, I do not know a Ruby/Rails developer who does not use GitHub.

GitHub offers paid services along with a free hosting plan for public repositories which, in my opinion, is a reason for their popularity. GitHub’s site proudly states “we are free for open source”. It is definitely free of charge but is it really open? Doubt it.

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Google, open source and patents

Łukasz Jachymczyk

Few days ago, Google has posted an interesting text on company’s official blog about open source. As it turns out, software giant well known of it’s favorable attitude for open source and “patent temperance” decided to take it to the next level by making promise that will not use its patents against open source software.

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Great Britain's smart choice

Łukasz Jachymczyk

According to UK “Government Service Design Manual”, published on 14 March, public administration in the United Kingdom prefers open source software over non-free solutions. This is the first time that government IT policy expresses formal preference to free and open source software.